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    SolarCam v3: Plastic case, 1mn glass lens.The phone is a Sony Xperia Ray 8 mega pixels.The solar panel comes with 1 m of cable. Consult the online documentation

    390,00 €
    Hello, orders are open .
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    Available early 2020

    590,00 €
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    Easily fix SolarCam without screws onto a tree, pole or gutter. available in 2 sizes: Large 11 to 16 cm XL Light, express installation with Large clip.

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  • 15,00 € In Stock

    Private account : With this option your images are not visible to the community. The Solarcam will not be visible in the "Live" and will be protected by a password if you wish. You can transfer and keep all your images on your own server using your FTP access. Images can be stored from 0 to 30 days on the Solarcam server. Option valid for 1 year.

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    Online only
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    10 SolarCams 3G -Photo + Video clip. -Domain name. -Web customized. -Storage 100GB.

    4 400,00 €
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